Emma's Journey to Baby

Can you keep a secret?!

I don't know about you, but I'm really good with secrets! Everyone's secrets but my own...

I am what you might call 'an open book'. The way I see it, if you know everything about me and still like me, I am winning.

I try to be a good friend and I believe being loyal is one of the most important qualities of being so. I know all of my friends would vouch for the fact that I’m great with their secrets. I could be in the Secret Service I’m that trustworthy. But the question is, what did I do when faced with the biggest secret of my adult life?... The news, the amazing news that I am going to be a Mummy, my Husband is going to be Daddy, and our Parents are going to be first time Grandparents?...

Well the first thing I did was dance a jig around our kitchen. The test lay on the side of the sofa with the clear word: ‘Positive’ and I jumped up and down then danced around on my own!... 

My husband wasn't home yet so I had to wait patiently for 20 long minutes. When he finally did get home, the first thing he said was "are you still struggling to work our new telly? Come to Uncle Neil..." Thinking on my feet I replied "I think you'll find it's Daddy Neil and showed him the test". He hugged me and exclaimed "Really, really?" 

Then after I told my hubby, I rang my Mum. 

For anyone wanting to start a family, it is a funny time. Like I said to you, I am an open book. But my husband is not so much. You will have had the questions asked of yourself, or you will have asked them to others "are you gonna have kids, are you trying, when do you want them, how many do you want?" To an extent self-preservation kicks in here. You ask yourself, do I want to tell the world and his wife that we are trying? What if we can't have kids?...

Here is where I think you need to do what is right for you. If you have solid friendships, people you trust, then you may want to tell them that you do want a family. They will want to give you tips on how often you should be ‘at it’, they may advise you to download an app, or even to take ovulation tests so that you know you are doing the deed at the optimum time. But my advice would be, don’t get too stressed about it, though that is easier said than done hey?

Some friends knew we wanted it. But now we have to keep it a secret until 12 weeks. Gosh what a drag. You don't have to but that’s the most well known advice out there so we figured we should stick to it right?…

So far so good. Just me, hubs and Mum that know. And I know I can trust them with my life.

It wasn't that easy to keep the secret from the rest of our network...


I love a drink. And my friends do too. There's only so many times you can say you have a water infection and are on antibiotics! But I still used that one twice...

We had booked a holiday which we were going on when I was going to be just 8 weeks pregnant. It was with our best friends and there was no way I was going to go 9 nights in Spain without a glass of Rioja and them not thinking my throat has been cut!... So we shared the news with them. Again they are trustworthy so that was all good.

The in-laws again knew about the 12 weeks rule so that was a relief too...

But my Dad, my wonderful Dad, was so excited he almost popped!


Our holiday with friends was visiting him in Spain. So we told him at 8 weeks too. And there was no way on earth I could stop his little excited mind from going into overdrive and telling all his best mates that his only daughter was making him a Granddad. It was so cute to watch. Luckily his friends either live in Spain or London so nowhere near us... I just didn't have the heart to stop him. I don’t think he had ever heard of the 12 week rule.

We told him in the best way ever though and I definitely recommend it. I got my husband to pretend to take a photo (he was really videoing us) and ask us to "say cheese"... which he followed by "Now say, I'm going to be a Granddad"... well I wish I could show you his reaction. It was amazing and I have it all on film. To keep forever. He hugged me and made a big Oooh , oooh ooohhh sound and grabbed me hugged me and kissed me. It has brought tears to the eyes of all we have shown the video to!

We chose not to share the news on social media, but to ring/email or visit family and friends to tell them. We found it has been such a magical time and sharing our news this way has meant we got real intimate reactions and heartfelt surprise and congratulations.



If you like me, can’t wait share your secret here are some recommendations:

 Film sharing the news – it’s amazing we can keep that forever and show our little one too…

  • Expect some people to be so excited they can’t control it and want to tell the world – be grateful not annoyed. But choose those people wisely.

  • Don’t worry too much… people expect you to wait to 12 weeks so even if they do guess because you had a water infection 3 times ;-)… most friends won’t probe you and will just be really happy when you do finally announce it.

  • Most of all, remember it’s your secret, do what you want with it…

I’d love to hear stories of how you shared the news so please post in the comments if you have a story you want to share with us…

I will love and leave you until next time… I hope it comes around quick. Growing a human seems to take forever!


Lots of Love, Emma (plus one)





Jul 03, 2016

I felt so honoured you shared your awesome news with me and couldn’t be happier for you both and would have kept your secret as long as you wanted because that’s what friends do. This is going to be an amazing journey for you, Neil, your family and bubs….so pleased to be a part of it ??

Jun 01, 2016

So happy for you! I understand being “an open book” and how ward it is to keep that big secret for 12 weeks. We put our 1st scan pic in the grandparents christmas card and lived their reaction too. Such a special time but oh so much more to come!! Enjoy. Fab blogging xx

Michelle x
May 31, 2016

So so happy for you and ‘Hubs’ – and very very proud to be one of those excited friends. Can’t wait to be ‘Auntie’ Annie xxx

May 31, 2016

Such lovely news! Telling my parents about my bubs was such a special time! Enjoy your pregnancy and can’t wait to see more updates :D x

Sarah M
May 31, 2016

Congratulations! x


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