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So naturally, even if you don’t want to find out the sex of your child, you will most likely still spend hours wondering whether it will be a boy or a girl. When I ask my Husband what he thinks we will have, he says “ I think a boy and then he will pause and say…or a girl” He used to do this when I asked him what he thinks my friends are having. Or he would just say ‘I think they are having a…baby!’.

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Most people will want to guess what sex your baby is which can be quite fun but as more and more people have guessed the same sex with me (GIRL was in the lead), I started to ask more and more people in the hope it would even out. I don’t want to start believing one or another…

I genuinely do not mind what sex my baby is. I have always said I would like a boy as it would be nice to have more boys to love me, my track record with boys was not good before I met my husband so that’s where that comes from, hehe! But equally I would love a little girl, sugar and spice and all things nice - a mini me, god help the planet ;-). As clichéd as it sounds though, it’s true, I really am happy as long as it is healthy.

We have decided to keep the sex as a surprise.  This doesn't stop me having fun guessing with my friends though, or following all the old wives tales. I thought it would be quite interesting to do an experiment with the tales and then when baby is born, update you if any come true, so here goes…


The needle and thread trick:

My colleague at work did this one to me and she says it has always worked when she has tried in the past. Your friend puts a needle through a thread and then holds it above the palm of your left hand. If the needle point moves in a circular motion it is supposed to mean you are carrying a girl. If it moves back and forth it means you are having a boy.

My result?: GIRL


Your right boob is bigger than other (Yes this is actually a thing apparently!):

If your right bosom runneth over the cup, it means Boy. I keep looking at mine, left and right like I’m watching a tennis match, but my conclusion (without getting the measuring tape out!) is that I am sure they are pretty much the same size!

Therefore my answer in this case is: GIRL


Craving sweet/savoury foods:

As a rule, I am a savoury kinda gal. But I craved Fruit-gums that much during the first trimester and I ordered so many from our supermarket delivery that my hubby text me saying “You could open a corner shop with this lot!” 

Apparently sweet cravings mean: GIRL


Shape of your baby bump:

I’m really quite big for just over 4 months (so I’m told – a lot!) Many people have asked me, “are you sure it isn’t twins?” My response is that unless one is playing a really good game of hide n seek then I’m quite sure there is only one. Imagine that years ago when Mothers would only find out when they gave birth that there were multiples, what a shock that would have been!

Weight all over as opposed to a neat bump (mine isn’t what you would call neat) is supposed to mean: GIRL


If I believed all of the above then I would be pretty confident I am carrying a girl. But I’m not confident am I because how on earth could the size of my boobs decide what the sex of my baby is? ;-)


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We have managed to come up with one Boy name and one Girl name with only one back up Girl name. So I do hope that if the baby is a boy he looks like the name we have chosen! ‘They’ say that sometimes your baby doesn’t look like the name you chose for him  or her, so when he or she is born you change your mind! I hate it when my friends take days to name their babies so I hope I don’t end up doing the same… I’m often eager to make them something (I love to craft) or buy them something personalised so the waiting for a name game is torture!


We have the 20 week scan this week… I wonder if I will feel tempted to find out the sex? I don’t think I will, but people say it’s different when you are laying on the bed and they ask you… I do wonder if it is a boy will I be able to tell?...

Tune in next time to find out how the Scan went… If another one really is hiding or if I am in fact just full of fruit-gums…


Lots of love, Emma and my growing human aka giant candy cane x

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