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Test Me Baby One More Time!

Pregnancy week: 28
Ice-cream consumed: Truckloads
Weight: Of a Truck (well actually at my latest hospital appointment I had lost weight so I should say I’m now the size of a small truck) :-)

I thought I would talk to you today about all the tests you have throughout your 9 month journey. Some of the mental and physical ones (of which there are a few) but mainly the standard NHS platform that is followed. Just so you get an idea of what to expect...

At the start of your journey....

Weeks 8-14 they offer tests for:

  • HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B.

    ●Blood group

    ●Rhesus disease



    ● You will be offered a screening test for Down’s syndrome, Edward’s syndrome and Patau’s syndrome too. This is to assess your chance of having a baby with these conditions.

At the 12 week scan – which is the best thing ever when you see a healthy little one moving around, they will also measure the neck of baby to measure the fluid around the neck area. This helps them to work out if the baby could have Down Syndrome. They measure this in conjunction with the blood tests for a more reliable prognosis.

20 week scan - even better than the best thing ever – this is where you can get a nice scan photo to share, with more detail than the 12 week one. 

At the 25 week appointment your Midwife will check baby’s heartbeat and give you your MATB1 form (to hand to your employer which states your due date) you must give this to your Employer no less than 15 weeks before your due date. 

28 weeks – This is when they will carry out the Diabetes test if you are a potential candidate for Gestational diabetes. I was because my BMI was out of range... They also test for iron levels, and they re-confirm your blood group. 

I had my diabetes test yesterday.  I had to fast from 9 pm the night before and I didn’t have time for any ice-cream after dinner ;-). I have to wait a week for my results an am looking forward to a Strawberry split for pudding 😊

If I have to wee in one more pot it will be too soon! My husband thought it was vile seeing my urine sample on the side in the clinic the other week.  I said blimey if you find that an issue what will you be like at the birth or after when our baby is producing  fluid from every orifice. He is ever so squeamish – he is in for a shock!

The thing is, there are good reasons for them testing your pee:

Your urine is checked for several things, including protein or albumin. If this is found in your urine, it may mean you have an infection that needs to be treated. It may also be a sign of pre-eclampsia. Thankfully mine has been clear every time. Which I think now is well into the teens!

We have already come to the conclusion that the nappies and sick will probably, 9 times out of 10, be Mummie’s job but Daddy is more than willing to try. People say to him that it’s different when it’s your baby, that their smells won’t offend you but he is not so sure. And I just don’t really want to be cleaning up his sick too if he struggles to cope and ends up hugging the toilet...


Physical Tests– I mentioned some things can be physically testing...

Well I think I have got off lightly. My hands swell up at night which is the worst symptom I have endured so far! Every morning when I wake my fingers are double the size and I cannot bend my hand.  I can’t even clench my fist without it really hurting me. Maybe for my husband’s sake with my hormones that is not such a bad thing 😉

Generally it wears off by the time I am at work but ouch. The Midwife says this is Carpel tunnel syndrome and nothing to fear. It is simply a build up of fluid in my wrist which is super common in pregnancy but must be monitored as if urine has protein in or blood pressure is high it can be a sign of pre-eclampsia! Always check symptoms with your midwife.

I also sometimes get a swollen ankle, only on the left though and none of my shoes fit me as my feet are so fat! The only footwear I can endure is a pair of tan sandals that are quite wide. It’s a good job it’s Summer!  I do try my luck every so often to shoe horn my foot into my converse or ballet pumps but who I am kidding? No chance! I am a size 5 in shoes and I tried on a pair  for a wedding I’m going to in 2 weeks and could only just squeeze in a 7. So I’m still shoeless but it’s a good excuse to go shopping for myself!

Mental tests!  One word - HORMONES.

To be honest I have not suffered too bad with raging hormones but I did have a melt down the other day when I had spent an hour cleaning the bathroom and Neil thought I didn’t use the squeegie on the shower door after using it when in fact I had just washed down the shower (I know - nesting.  Neil says he should have got me up the ‘duff’ years ago. The house has never been so clean...). Poor bloke didn’t know what had hit him. I went a little insane, reminding him how hard it was to get on my hands and knees in my condition to clean the bathroom in the first place.

Words of wisdom for the Partners out there: Just agree with her and give the lady carrying your baby a foot massage and make her a cup of tea, or whatever she wants, whenever she wants it. Agree with her whatever you do and don’t question her ability to do anything.  Because after all she is doing the most amazing thing ever with that body of hers. Creating a new life. And Ladies if the man asks you anything about anything, just respond: Yes I’m really tired, I’ve been busy growing a foot/eyeball/belly button/human today, I really need to put my feet up.


Let’s face it,  we know it’s the last time we are going to get a rest for a good long while...So we might as well milk it 😉


When I left my last appointment at hospital the next appointment I booked was for after my due date – for in case I’m late!


So it’s all getting real now. No more tests and only 12 weeks til baby could be here. Omg...


I hope that if you are reading this, and also on this journey, that you are being looked after as well as I have been by the NHS and by my hubby.


Good luck in all your tests now or in the future for Mummie’s to be.

I hope this has been informative. 


Speak soon. Love me and my little Knickerbockerglory 😊 xxx


Aug 17, 2016

Ahhh I truly am Sharon xxx

Aug 15, 2016

Lovely Ems. Sounds like you’re enjoying the pregnancy & embracing each stage ?

Sharon English

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