Emma's Journey to Baby

The rumours are true...

Time goes fast and it is precious. So precious. Teddie is 6 months old already. Can you believe it?! No neither can I! The time has gone really quick and they really have been the most rewarding 6 months ever. I love being Teddie's Mommy. 

I have a clock with the words "Time is precious" on it and once when I was cleaning instead of playing with Teddie, I looked at that clock and stopped right there.  Ok, so I didn't need much of an excuse to stop dusting, but still I did. The dust will keep appearing but Teddie will also keep growing and one day when I look up from that duster he won't be staring back at me, eager for me to make him giggle by singing yet another made up song that makes no sense but that makes him laugh anyway because it's all brand new.

Time flies

I try I really try, but I haven't been to the hairdressers for ages, well my Mum did cut it for me when I came out of hospital, so about 6 months ago I had a 'new do' but I'm pretty desperate for a trim! 

My car is filthy, so much so my Mother-in-Law asked if I had washed it after it rained one time... I was like nope, that was in fact the rain. I have been trying to get my car washed since Teddie was born. Well, probably a few months after when I started to drive it again, but nonetheless, quite a while.

I painted my nails today but the second coat was a big fail and I got nail varnish on my dress - at least I have a dress on, I thought?! So long as you don't look too close I suppose they look ok but they are like a full on ‘Monet’ (painting), ok from a distance but a big old mess when you're close up!

I am so pale. I used to go on the sunbed and have my nails done and get my car washed.  

But I didn't have my Teddie. 

Who wouldn't rather be singing "5 rabbits sitting on a log" at 11am on a Wednesday morning instead of falling asleep at their desk? I think I enjoy Baby Sensory as much, if not more than Teddie. 

When I'm make-up-less and my hair is in a bun and I catch a glimpse of myself when my phone camera is on selfie mode and I look like Mrs Trunchbull on a good day, Teddie still thinks I'm funny. 

When I put him in his Moses Basket when showering and wave at him through the full length glass he doesn't look at me in disgust at the state of my post baby body. He laughs and smiles because at the end of the day, I'm his Mommy, jiggly bits and all.
During these moments I feel elated because even though I wouldn’t want many people to see me like this, Teddie loves me regardless. He really doesn’t care that I look like Mrs Doubtfire with only her bodysuit on! 

Because to him I am everything in that moment. I am his fierce protector and on tap comedienne, his chef and his masseuse, I am his comforter and his constant. And you are everything to your child too, you are their morning, noon and night. And thank goodness they won’t judge if you car is dirty, your nails aren't done and you haven't been to the hairdressers since you gave birth to them. 

So I'm talking to myself here as much as I'm talking to you, but try to breathe, paint your nails once a week when they are asleep, if you want to. Or don't. They won't care. 

And at the end of the day I believe wholeheartedly this quote I read in a book my Mum bought me when I became a Mommy:

"All Mothers are rich when they love their children. There are no poor mothers, no ugly mothers, no old mothers"... 

Enjoy every minute and remember in the grand scheme of things what's really important to you. Time flies, the rumours are true!

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