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What sort of world are we bringing our children into?

Friends and family with kids already or those trying for a family will have uttered these words in your presence at some point. Lately I fear more often you will have heard this sentence...

"What sort of world are we bringing our children into?”

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My response is always: I know it is scary but we must keep creating more good...

Look around you. We live in a Country where realistically we all live on top of each other. How many people do you sleep peacefully within metres of every single night? Within a square mile you are living in peace with anywhere in the region  of 1000 strangers. And that is just on your doorstep.

Every day a stranger will do something for you - serve you in a shop, let you go at a junction, smile at you as they walk their dog... they might even say good morning or good evening...

Since having a noticeable bump, strangers also tend to be even kinder to you... holding doors open, offering to help you carry your shopping... using it as a way to make light conversation...

You see the thing is- most people are good.

It is ever so easy to read the news and worry that the human race no longer has a good heart and a happy face. But good will prevail.

I have no doubt that if you have children you are close to, either your own, or nephews and nieces or friends kids you spend a lot of time with, that you intend to instil into those tiny minds all of the things which epitomise good:


With the recent Terror atrocities all over the world it would be easy to say: 'I do not want to procreate'. It is a fear every parent surely has: how do I keep the most precious thing in the world to me safe when such goings on plague innocent people daily?...

We all know that we have no control over our destiny but we must have hope...

One thing is clear, as we look around every day at strangers, we stand united against hatred, we want to do good for others as it makes us feel good ourselves. We want the best for our children and their children and the World’s children.

It is all too easy to say that there isn’t anything we can do to prevent the awful goings on but I think there is. We must continue to believe and trust and carry on doing good and being good. 

"A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove... but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child."
Forest E. Witcraft
Teacher, Scholar

Blimey hundreds of years ago Cavemen fought and hunted Antelopes and Wildebeests for their food. They fought off sabre-toothed tigers daily. Our relatives procreated through World Wars and our predecessor’s survived some of the deadliest diseases we have ever heard of, Typhoid, Cholera and the Plague to name but a few.

We are lucky to live in Great Britain, for many reasons including but not limited to: education, personal freedom, our health service, safety and security, entrepreneurship,  charitable giving...

My Mum has always worried what the World is coming to, but after more than one failed marriage and a not so great start in life she said she would go back through it all to get me.

So keep the faith everyone, I know I am talking to myself here just as much as I am talking to you but let’s spread the joy and make the most of the time we get to spend with ours and our neighbours’ bundles of joy.

Keep Calm and Carry On... and On and On...

Only 15 weeks til my due date now. Eek.

Peace, Love, Empathy,

Emma and her little growing human xx

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