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You are gonna need a new house!

"You are gonna need a new House"


Those words have come from the mouths of at least two of my friends when describing how much 'stuff' you need when baby comes...

You wouldn't think that such a small human would need so much space...

Well, even 3. 5 months before our little human is due, the fact that we do need to create a lot of extra space has become apparent!

We have been lucky enough to be given a lot of baby things by family and friends... and I now have in my possession some things that I didn’t even know existed!

Hopefully if you are lucky like me, you might be given hand me downs too. You may think you want everything new but kitting out a whole 'new house' for baby doesn't come cheap. And Maternity pay as you already know isn't exactly going to keep you in the manor to which you have become accustomed.

*Eek* baby is swishing around as I type this. It's 3am and I have just got up for a midnight toilet trip. The joys... at least after the last 5 months of 2 trips to the loo a night my body is adjusting to broken sleep. My whole adult life I have slept 'like a baby' so waking up twice a night is a whole new concept. Though maybe this is Mother Nature's way of preparing me for the next 18 yrs, hehe!! Even more years if my track record is anything to go by - Sorry Mum for keeping you awake all night with worry whilst I painted the town Red with the girls. Oh the fun we had!!! 

Anyway, I digress... I thought I would share my thoughts with you on what we have been given, what we still need and what I think will be useful about each item.

Baby essentials on my list of ‘must haves’:

Cotno explanation required!

Moses Basket/ Snuzpod – Gift! Useful for first 6 months approximately so I am told and either the moses basket or Snuzpod can be used in the cot when starting to get baby into their own room so that they get used to their new surroundings in a familiar bed. It worked for one of my friends! The Snuzpod also comes in 6 different colours to match your decor!


Pram -  Yet to buy but I have seen one I rather like…

Car Seat - which also fits onto the Pram so is a complete Travel system – this means that you can keep baby in car seat and attach to pram base if shopping. But this is only for short outings as you shouldn’t keep baby in car seat too long without getting him or her out. The reason is that babies or young children can experience breathing problems if scrunched in the same position for too long. This recommendation is endorsed by all car seat manufacturers.

Changing Mats – Several may be useful and you could leave one at grandparents/family’s houses...

Steriliser unit – For bottles, lucky we have been given a second hand one as these are expensive!

Bottles – I have been advised that Dr Brown’s are good for colic and as you don’t know at this current time if your baby will have colic or not I thought better safe than sorry…  If you are hoping to breast feed though advice I was given is to only buy 4 bottles (they come in packs of 4) as you may not need so many if not using formula. If you are going to use formula from the start then 8 bottles should be enough to rotate the use.

Formula: A must have in case you do not want to or are unable to breastfeed.

Breast Pump – We were given a second hand one. Great as even if you do decide you want to try breast feeding you may not be able to and having a second hand one saves money. If you can breastfeed you may want one to express milk for times when you may not be able to be with your baby.

Monitor – I quite fancy a video monitor as friends say it gives peace of mind that you can see their little face.
baby monitor
– they do a bath with inbuilt support so baby can sit up. I think these look useful.

Top n Tail bowl – my friend said these are good as apparently you are not to bath baby every day because of their skin being sensitive so you can use this bowl that is split into two parts to fill with water to wash them, top n tail – just as the title suggests.

Below are a few more things we have been handed:

Bumbo – for helping baby to sit up.
Nursing pillow – for comfort if nursing.
Travel Cot – self explanatory,
Changing Bag – self explanatory


Baby Carrier Sling – can be useful if going somewhere where it is awkward to manoeuvre a pram.

There is more, the list does go on a bit, maybe I will talk more about other items as we go through our journey…

On that note I hope my list has helped  you to be a bit clearer on what you may need but that realistically if you don't have something you require when baby is here, what’s the worst that could happen? We live in a great time where most things are available at the touch of a button and can be delivered to your home  the next day.

I text a few of my friends asking if there is anything they have needed since having their babies that they never thought they would need before they had them... these are some of the responses which made me smile:

1. A Dishwasher
2. CBeebies – Channel on SKY TV or equivalent children’s entertainment (DVDs) 
3. Wine

But my favourite reply was this one:

"MY baby!"

Followed by: "They don't need much really, all they really need is to be loved".

And as I've said before... How did the human race evolve? It certainly didn't rely on material things as most things on my list above wouldn't have existed hundreds of years ago.

So my friends the reality is that you don't actually need a new house you just needs a home that is full of love ready for your little one. The rest will surely work itself out... 

If you can think of any other 'must haves' please let me know in the comments below.

Speak soon, lots of love, Emma and Swishy xx



P.S. you can find most of the items mentioned above at Jurnie, so drop them a line at hello@jurnie.co.uk if you're looking for something in particular.


Jul 15, 2016

A sling – yes!! I found much better than a baby carrier as the baby lies right on you…I used it so much with Cruz, I loved having two free hands to wash up & make a cup of tea ? Cruz loved it too ?

Jul 14, 2016

Definitely a Snuzpod! We love ours! I don’t know what I would have done without it! I’ve got the natural one from Jurnie :) x

Jenny A

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