Hospital Bag Checklist

Preparing for the birth can be the most daunting time in pregnancy; what should you pack? What will you need? What will baby need? Panic not! We have a little checklist here for you, to ensure that you've got the essentials. 

Everyone is different, so you may not need everything, please use the list as a guideline.

Labour Bag

  • A bag to put everything in (maybe a small cabin size suitcase that you or your birth partner can wheel along the floor)
  • Your birth plan and all of your maternity notes

  • A dressing gown. Something to keep you comfortable, and prepared, should you need to walk the hospital corridors in early labour. Make sure that it's one that you don't mind getting stained; nothing too fancy!

  • An old nightgown or large t-shirt This is for you to wear during labour. You may also get a 'labour shirt' which is made especially for this purpose and has discreet little design features to help you along.

  • Slippers or Slipper Socks. Again, something comfortable that you can remove with ease.

  • A Phone Charger Just in case you would like to use your phone to keep you occupied

  • A book/ tablet/ crossword Something to pass the time and to relax you

  • Lip balm. Keep your lips and mouth hydrated against the air con in the labour ward and Gas & Air. There's nothing worse than dry lips!

  • Snacks/drinks. Enough to keep you going through labour. Don't panic too much though, as there is a small shop in most hospitals if you run out.

  • Hairbands/ Hair Clip You may wish to get your hair out of your face, especially if you get a bit warm

A bag for your birthing partner(s)

  • Water spray, to cool you down while you're in labour and refresh

  • Comfy clothes/ shoes. Your birth partner will be at the hospital just as long as you are, so it is important that they are comfortable too.

  • Drinking straws. To help you have a drink in labour - these are super useful!

  • Mobile phone/charge
  • Digital camera/ camera phone to capture those precious first few moments of newborn life

  • Snacks and drinks

After the Birth bag for Mom

  • Going-home outfit. Something that you know you will be relaxed and comfortable in, maybe some of your maternity clothes. A top with front opening will be useful if you plan to breast-feed.

  • Breast Pads Choose from disposable or reusable (Jurnie have some soft, reusable bamboo ones which are lovely and won't crinkle inside your bra)

  • Nursing bras. Maybe have at least a couple of these to hand

  • Maternity pads. Have a couple of options/packs with you in case

  • Toiletries. Buy travel versions to save on space in your bag, or only take those that you know you will use. Toothbrush and toothpaste are essentials. Hairbrush, shampoo and shower gel are also great to have.

  • A soft face towel/ bathtowel.

  • Old/cheap knickers, or even try disposable knickers.  There's no need for fancy ones, you want to be comfortable to sit and move in them. Big 'Bridget Jones' style ones will be useful if you have a caesarean as they won't rub your wound.

Baby's Bag (your changing bag may be useful for this job)

  • Baby blanket. For wrapping baby up warm. This depends on the season that baby is born. A thick one in winter will be good for when you take baby outside.

  • 2/3 Babygrows  A variety of sizes may be best to ensure you have one to fit your baby. Newborn/ 0-3 months.

  • Socks/booties, a hat and mittens

  • A special homecoming outfit You may wish to have a special outfit to come home in for your baby. A few layers (cardigans, jackets) may be handy so you are prepared for the Great British weather. A babygrow with arms and feet may be easiest for you.

  • Nappies/ Nappy sacks/ wipes On average a newborn will use 8-12 nappies a day so be prepared

  • Nappy rash cream (suitable for newborns)

  • Muslin squares, Hands down the most useful thing you will have with a newborn. Use it for mopping up spills, as a lightweight blanket, as a baby comforter, as a breast-feeding cover up...

  • A baby car seat To bring baby home in. Make sure you know how to use it and can install it into a car beforehand. 

And there you have it, you're all set! If you can think of anything else to add to the list, let us know in the comments below! 

Spoil Mum this Mother's Day!

March is here already?! This year seems to be flying by, and Mother's day is just around the corner! On Sunday 6th March we will all be celebrating the wonderful Mothers and Mother figures in our lives and if you're looking for something special to treat them with, here are our top 10 picks for Mother's Day gifts to give you a helping hand! From cards to keepsakes, we have a range of ideas that are sure to make Mum happy this weekend. For personalised items, please get your order in ASAP to guarantee delivery in time. 


1. A beautiful hand-made card

Handmade mothers day card.mothers day gift


Gail Richards Designs makes each one of her cards by hand, ensuring each one is unique. She can even personalise it for you, for just £1.75 extra! For personalisation, send us a message to or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


2. A personalised Thank You/ Family Tree

personalised mothers day giftfamily tree

Bespoke and Belle create personalised art and gifts to celebrate all special moments of Home and Family life. Each quality item is designed and lovingly hand crafted here in the Midlands, and personalised to your specification, to create a beautiful, unique gift that will be treasured forever. Take a look at the 'Special person' Family Tree and Spring Family Trees for an extra special gift.


3. A special treat for a nursing Mum

This gorgeous tulip printed breastfeeding skater dress and this stunning sailboat printed breastfeeding maxi dress have crossover necklines which can be pulled down and the bandeau underneath lifted for discreet feeding. With a contrasting tie around the waist these stunning dresses are made from scrumptious organic cotton with a touch of elastane for extra comfort.


4. A practical gift

Invented by a breastfeeding mum for other breastfeeding mums, the Mama Designs breast-feeding scarf is perfect for discrete feeding while out and about, and at the same time allows Mum to remain stylish and comfortable. The Bamboo, super soft breast pads are a practical gift that will help Mum feel her best, and confident this Mother's Day.


5. Something Sentimental


Fannie Lou's have been lovingly producing hand-crafted gifts for all the family since 2011.  Specialising in all things textiles whether you are looking for a personalised keepsake cushion to mark the special occasion or an adorable Patchwork Memory Bear made from baby's first clothes or a loved one's clothing.


6. A personalised keepsake


The Little Gift Co. create 'that something different'. Each item is lovingly handmade for you, making it the perfect special unique gift, just like these personalised wooden hearts and Baby Scan Plaques.


7. For the Mum-to-be

We have a wide range of baby clothing, made from organic cotton, perfect for a new baby in the family. This Mother's Day, why not treat Mum-to-be to a special outfit for the upcoming arrival, and she's bound to be delighted with some of the ones on offer here.


8. Somewhere to display those masterpieces!


Check out the items from The Little Artwork Company, there's plenty of innovative solutions for displaying and storing children's paintings & drawings. Custom-made memory books preserve artwork in a beautiful, compact way for both children and parents to enjoy. For displaying kid’s art, choose this beautiful Bird Cage decorative piece!


9. Something to make life easier

Is Mum always running around trying to get everything done? Give her an extra pair of hands with this 3 way Baby Carrier so that baby is always happy being held but Mum can carry on...and at £25.99 it's a bargain too! Or for around the house, check out the Poddle Pod; quite simply a safe, snuggly and very convenient place to put your baby down... anywhere and any time you need it.


10. Make memories


Still not sure what to get Mum for Mother's Day? Then, treat her to something that's sure to make special memories with the kids. These teepees and outdoor race cars are toys that will be enjoyed by Mum and Dad as well as the children; they're sure to being a smile to everyone's faces and can normally be delivered in just 48 hours!


For more Gift Ideas, check out our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feeds!

Don't panic, it's Organic!

Organic cotton is a topic which very few people know about, and it's also the material used for most of the clothing we sell here at Jurnie. So, with this in mind we thought that we would tell you a little bit more about it.


In January 2014, a Greenpeace investigation shone a light on many large companies who have had hazardous (sometimes carcinogenic) chemicals found in their collections of children's clothing. These brands are the ones that you seen on High Streets all over the country. The investigation stated that children may be more sensitive to these chemicals than adults, and especially children with Eczema and other skin conditions.

This is one of the reasons why we support brands who use organic cotton - a material which is a natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre. Organic cotton also benefits cotton producers and the environment in developing countries by avoiding the harmful effects of toxic pesticides, and the reduced cost of production improves social conditions. Consumers in the UK benefit from garments that are manufactured without the use of thousands of toxic and carcinogenic chemicals.

The non-organic cotton industry creates a large amount of the world's environmental pollution, using almost 16% of all insecticides. The living conditions for cotton growers can be poor, with poverty, health problems and suicide common. Thousands of chemicals are used to turn raw material into clothes, towels, bedding and other items that we put next to our skin every day. 

Breast Cancer UK have suggested 'whilst it is very difficult to prove conclusively that exposure to certain chemicals in the womb or during childhood causes ill health and breast cancers in later life, current research indicates that it is wise to take caution' whilst also recommending to 'source organic cotton if possible as it is likely to contain fewer chemicals'. (

kite organic clothing        kite organic clothing


Common misconceptions...
"Can you eat it?”
We have been asked this a LOT more than you would think during our time in store or at events! The answer is no, you can't eat it. However, nowadays there are so many people who are becoming more and more aware of what they are eating, but they're not thinking about what they are wearing. If you think about certain medication, such as a Nicotine patches - you wear it against your skin and your skin absorbs the nicotine within. This concept is the same with clothing - and if your Mum is anything like mine - I would constantly be told not to write on my hand when I was younger as the pen is absorbed into your skin!
“It’s just beige and bland”
Two of our main organic brands are Frugi and Kite, two of the brightest children's clothing brands around.... people are so shocked when we let them know that these collections are made from organic cotton!
Do you like Joules? Boden? Zara? You won't be paying any more for Frugi and Kite items than any of these brands!
If you fancy taking a look around our organic cotton brands, click on any of the images below.
kite organic clothing



Soon, we will also be stocking organic bedding from The Little Green Sheep and organic clothing from Little Green Radicals so please keep checking back ;)