Why we chose to manufacture in Great Britain...

Today is an exciting day, it's the day that we launch our own brand products to customers. We've spent the morning wrapping up beautiful gift-boxed Christmas sets to send off to other independent shops all over the UK, and then this afternoon, they'll be on our very own shelves in store.


Baby wear made in the UK

We've had some great feedback from the customers who have seen our sneak previews and from trade customers who have ordered the range. Our first collection is the Winter Friends collection, and because of its great unisex print, super-soft 100% cotton fabric and classic designs, we have already sold out of baby grows on pre-orders! Eeek!

We really appreciate all of your feedback as we start this new 'Jurnie' so please feel free to drop us a line to 

 So, a little bit about why we chose to manufacture in the UK...


We started out nearly 3 years ago when we set up our little shop on Solihull High Street selling clothing for 0-5 year olds (we're now up to age ten). At the same time, I was studying for a degree in Business and Management, having always known that I would love my own business. The opportunity to set up shop with my family was an exciting one so we took that big leap into the crazy world of retail. This meant that I did a year of full time education and full time setting up a business – as you can imagine that was one busy year! But, I learnt a lot. I studied clothing manufacture comparisons between products made in the UK and abroad and it opened my eyes to something which stirred my passion for British made produce.

 Jurnie Baby wear mittensJurnie knotted hat

 At the time, an 8 story factory had just collapsed in India, leaving 2,500 people injured and killing hundreds of others. Many high street chains were exposed as stocking garments made in this factory. The case shocked me, the images appearing in the media saddened me… I had bought clothing from these companies… had I contributed to encouraging the poor conditions that these people were forced to work in? Was cheaper clothing really worth putting lives at risk? It highlighted to me the important role that we have, not only as customers but as businesses to ensure that we are supporting ethical businesses. Having already had a keen interest in British-made products, I decided that I would love to start up my own manufacturing brand. I listened to the customer feedback in our shop, I spent many hours researching British factories, travelling the length and breadth of the country to visit factories, and then 18 months later I found two that I knew I would love to work with.

Based just two hours away from Solihull, the first factory supports local, highly skilled people, by paying good, fair wages, in lovely working conditions. It meant that I could get our fabric printed, our brand tags weaved, our swing tags printed AND our garments made within a 4 hour radius. It also means that our clothing is made by an Oeko-tex accredited factory, with safety-tested poppers and super-soft cotton. It is important to me that we are supporting families and businesses to succeed here in the UK, and not only that, it means that our carbon footprint is absolutely minimal.


Now, to the designs! The top request in our shop is for unisex items because the customer needs a gift but they don’t know if the baby will be a girl or a boy, or they don’t want to dress their baby in the pink and blue hues which dominate the high street! Our designs are made for both girls and boys to wear, feel comfortable in, whilst also being practical for mom and dad! So, we created a range that looks both stylish (for those fashion-conscious among us) but with enough nifty features (like integrated mittens and easy popper bibs) to ensure that parents will be reaching for our garments from the wardrobe again and again.

We are here to provide top quality products, made in Britain with love. Lots of care and hours of attention have gone into each one of our designs to make sure that they are perfect for your little one. :)

If you would like to look into buying one of our designs take a look here.

If you'd like to know more about joining the Jurnie family as a trade customer, please drop us an email to or call Jessie on 0121 679 2355.

Thank you! 

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