Florence and Picalilo

Florence and Picalilo is inspired by my own beautiful daughters Neve and Elle. Before they were even born my husband called them these names, names which they both still identify to today!

Having trained and worked as a Midwife for over 12 years and of course experiencing so many of my own life events, primarily becoming a mummy too, I have been inspired to create mementos to mark our life events. In the time when photographs only seem to exist on a smart phone or digital camera it is important to me to have a physical picture to capture memories.

It is my wish to create beautiful designs to help mark the events in your life whether it be a small token to make you smile or a bespoke creation to mark a life changing moment. I feel true fulfilment from creating these pictures and now even more so by sharing them with others.

Please get in touch even if you can't see what you are looking for as what you see has been inspired by my life but I'd love the opportunity to create something inspired by yours.


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